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  • Management of Heterogeneous Networks with Intelligent Agents 5/28/00 Who points to it? 41 - Andrzej Bieszczad, Pratik K. Biswas, Walter Buga, Manu Malek, and Hai Tan, Management of Heterogeneous Networks with Intelligent Agents, Bell Labs technical Journal, v4n4, oct-dec 1999. "The studies conducted thus far in our ongoing work on a Lucent-grown agent platform, the LucentIntelligent Network Agent (LucINA), and its applications indicate thatintelligent agents constitute an attractive technology to address theseissues. Agents communicate at a high level of abstraction using an agent communication language (ACL). The language provides a universal wrapper for specific content and a capability to negotiate communication means including language, protocol, and domain terminology (ontology)—a characteristic very desirable in heterogeneous, multivendor environments."(recommended by

  • papers on angents and networking 3/11/02 Who points to it? 32 - This page contains several Journal and Conference papers that deal withthe integration of two approaches, namely the Mobile Agents and ActiveNetworks.

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