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  • JACK Intelligent Agents 12/2/99 Who points to it? 9 - JACK Intelligent AgentsTM is a new concept - an environment for building, running and integrating commercial JAVA-based multi-agent systems using a component-based approach.

  • dMARS 12/2/99 Who points to it? 9 - dMARS is an easy-to-use programming and execution system that enables you to implement decision support and task management as part of larger distributed real-time systems. dMARS is based upon the concept of 'software agents'. dMARS agents are reactive computer processes that incorporate a motivational component. This enable these systems to carry out complex tasks in a goal-directed way while being responsive to charges in the environment. Agent-oriented processes are more effective and robust than traditional complex systems in that they have the capacity to reason about their goals. They can determine how to achieve their goals and when to modify or abandon goals in response to changing environmental conditions. This provides the cability to carry out complex tasks in highly dynamic and uncertain environments.

  • UMPRS Agent 1/2/00 Who points to it? 12 - UMPRS is a Belief-Desire-Intention agent architecturebased upon the Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) of Georgeff, Ingrand, Rao,Lansky, and others. Unlike many "agents" available today which are useful invery restricted domains, UMPRS is a general-purpose framework applicable tonearly any application domain. It supports top-down, goal-based reasoning,multiple simultaneous goal threads with utility-based competition andselection, and an expressive plan representation. C++ source code anddocumentation are available for download at the UMPRS website.

  • JAM 1/22/00 Who points to it? 10 - JAM is a Java-based BDI agent similar to UMPRS, but in addition tosupporting goal-based reasoning and utility-based competition and selectionbetween goals, JAM adds support for bottom-up, reactive reasoning, agentcheckpointing and mobility, metalevel-based reasoning for selecting betweencompeting goals, a much stronger and greatly extended goal-theoreticimplementation, reflection-based support for including legacy java code, andmany powerful extensions to the agent plan representation. Java source codeand documentation are available for download at the JAM website. See

  • Tileworld 7/1/00 Who points to it? 17 - Tileworld developed in Lisp by Martha Pollack is ``an abstract testbed system designed tosupport experimentation with agent architectures in dynamic and unpredictableenvironments. The system includes a simulated environment, an embedded agent,and a set of routines to facilitate experimentation. The environment is atwo-dimensional grid on which are located different kinds of objects, notably tiles,holes, obstacles and a ``gas station.'' Exogenous events can occur in the TileWorld:specifically, objects can appear and disappear during a simulation

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