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  • JATLite-ACL 3/30/00 Who points to it? 11 - JATLite-ACL is an adaptation of the JATLite package to support the FIPA ACL which has been developed at EPFL.

  • WinPROLOG Communication Libraries 12/31/99 Who points to it? 11 - An AGENT Library for WIN-PROLOG by Z. Meltem ISMIK ( you to write Prolog agents which communicate using the agentcommunication language of your choice (e.g. one of the examples usestraightforward Prolog tuples, the other uses KQML). The KQML examplefeatures a KQML speaking facilitator and a generic client agent whichcommunicates with this facilitator.

  • JAFMAS 1/2/00 Who points to it? 8 - University of CincinnatiJAFMAS provides a framework to guide the development of multiagent systems along with aset of classes for agent deployment in Java. The framework is intended to help beginning andexpert developers structure their ideas into concrete agent applications. It directs developmentfrom a speech-act perspective and supports multicast and directed communication, KQML orother speech-act performatives and analysis of multiagent system coherency and consistency.The JAFMAS project provides a good comparison of agent tools with a particular emphasis onmobile agent projects.

  • JATLiteBean Site 1/2/00 Who points to it? 8 - University of OtagoJATLiteBean takes the KQML-speaking functionality of JATLite and wraps it into a JavaBean.JATLiteBean provides an easier-to-use interface to JATLite features including KQMLmessage parsing, receiving and sending. It provides an extensible architecture for messagehandling and agent "thread of control" management. It also supports automatic advertising ofagent capabilities to facilitator agents. Also included is a generic configuration file parser andKQML syntax checker.

  • Jackal 1/13/00 Who points to it? 11 - Jackal is a Java-based communications infrastructure for multi-agent systems developed at UMBC. Jackal supports the exchange of KQML messages (to be extended to include FIPA ACL) among agents, organized within conversations. It presents a flexible, blackboard-like interface to theagent. Other features include an interface for user-defined, plug-n-playmodules for different network protocols, and integrated support for a power naming and addressing protocol.

  • JADE in open source 2/25/00 Who points to it? 40 - JADE (Java Agent Development framework) is a software framework thatsimplifies the implementation of multiagent systems through amiddle-ware that claims to comply with FIPA specifications and through aset of tools that support the debugging and deployment phases. JADE hassuccessfully participated at the FIPA interoperability tests hold inSeoul in January 1999 and has been extensively used within a number ofEuropean projects.

  • Protege KB editor/browser 4/13/00 Who points to it? 12 - Protege-2000 is a knowledge-based systems editor and browser (jave, open sourced) allows domain experts to build knowledge-based systems by creating and modifying reusable ontologies and problem-solving methods. It has recetly been adapted to work with RDF files.

  • KAPI bugfix 7/25/00 Who points to it? 17 - This is an updated version of KAPI, a tool for agent communication designed to deliver messages in KQML format to distributed agents.

  • Zeus Agent Toolkit (SourceForge) 10/30/00 Who points to it? 9 - Zeus provides an easy to use graphical development environment to build distributed agent systems. A RETE based rule engine and a backward chaining planner are bundled along with an interface to Java.

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