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  • IBM Aglets Workbench 12/2/99 Who points to it? 20 - About Aglets Software Development Kit: Think of the Internet as a distributed, massively parallel supercomputer that connects information repositories, databases, intelligent agents, and mobile code. Imagine sending your own personalized agents to roam the Internet. They will monitor your favorite Web sites, get you the ticket you couldn't get at the box office, or help you to schedule meetings for your next overseas trip. Sounds like science fiction? Maybe, but at IBM Research we decided to do something about it. Read on and learn about Aglets Software Development Kit from IBM. We are confident that you will be excited about what you discover!

  • MOLE Site 12/2/99 Who points to it? 11 - The Distributed Systems group at the IPVR of the University of Stuttgart started working on Mobile Agents in 1994. In March 1995 a research group for Mobile Agents was established by Prof. Rothermel with the goal of developing the technology, to assess potential uses and to appraise problems and solutions in this area. The project name - Mole - is not an acronym but simply the name of the project mascot.

  • Grasshopper 12/2/99 Who points to it? 12 - Grasshopper, the agent development platform launched by IKV++ in August 1998, enables the user to create a wealth of applications based on agent technology. Grasshopper is completely implemented in Java, a programming language which has become widely known amongst programmers, giving them the opportunity to work with Grasshopper without intensive further training. Companies with an urgent need for true distributed systems can therefore benefit almost immediately from the advantages of Java as well as from Grasshopper's unique suitability for such systems. Grasshopper is also the first mobile agent environment which is compliant to the industry standard supporting agent mobility and management (OMG MASIF). This compliance ensures compatibility with other agent environments or applications based on the same standard thus avoiding costly and time consuming integration procedures.

  • Concordia 12/2/99 Who points to it? 10 - CONCORDIA is a full-featured framework for development and management of network-efficient mobile agent applications for accessing information anytime, anywhere and on any device supporting Java.

  • MAP (A Mobile Agent Platform) 12/2/99 Who points to it? 11 - In this area, the emerging technology of mobile agents aroused considerable interest. Mobile agents are applications that can move through the network for carrying out a given task on behalf of the user. MAP (Mobile Agents Platform) is a software package for the development and the management of mobile agents. The language used both for developing the platform and for carrying out the agents is Java. The platform gives the user all the basic tools needed for creating some applications based on the use of agents. It enables us to create, run, suspend, resume, deactivate, reactivate local agents, to stop their execution, to make them communicate each other and migrate.

  • Hive: a platform for mobile agents 12/8/99 Who points to it? 14 - Hive is a Java software platform for creating distributed applications. Using Hive, programmers can easily create systems that connect and use data from all over the Internet. At its heart, Hive is an environment for distributed agents to live, communicating and moving to fulfill applications.

  • Klaim Project 12/16/99 Who points to it? 9 - Klaim is a formalism that supports a programming paradigm where processes, like data, can be moved fromeone computing environment to another. Klaim naturally supports programming with explicit localities; itconsists of a core Linda with multiple tuple spaces and of a set of operators for building processes.

  • Odessey 1/1/00 Who points to it? 9

  • Voyager 1/1/00 Who points to it? 8

  • Obliq 1/1/00 Who points to it? 9

  • Phantom 1/1/00 Who points to it? 10

  • Gypsy 1/2/00 Who points to it? 10 - Technical University of Vienna.The Gypsy Project utilizes Java for the implementation of a flexible environment forexperimenting with mobile agent programming. It is intended for application in Internetinformation retrieval, Internet commerce, mobile computing, and networks networkmanagement.

  • Mobiware Middleware Toolkit 1/2/00 Who points to it? 10 - Mobiware is a software-intensive adaptive mobile networking environment based ondistributed object technology. Built on CORBA and Java distributed object technology, it runson mobile devices, wireless access points and mobile-capable switch/routers providing a setof open programmable interfaces and algorithms for adaptive mobile networking.

  • ARCA 1/3/00 Who points to it? 11 - ARCA is a Java-based mobile agent framework developed at the University of Catania (Italy) inside theSunTM Microsystems project "Java Campus". ARCA offers a reliable and versatile platform to developmobile agent applications in Java.

  • Cborg mobile MAS 1/13/00 Who points to it? 10 - Cborg is a mobile MAS featuring opensemantics, strong migration, concurrency primitives and location transparentrouting ! Binaries are available for macintosh,palmos, windows, linux, solaris. On request you can have the source to addyour own modifications, there is a manual available and direct onlinesupport

  • Bond 1/26/00 Who points to it? 14 - Bond is a Java based distributed object system and agent framework. It implements a message based middleware and associated services like directory, persistence, monitoring and security. Bond allows to easily build multi agent, distributed applications.

  • Fargo 1/27/00 Who points to it? 13 - FarGo is a Java-based programmingenvironment for the development ofmobile-component-based distributedapplications.

  • Jumping Beans 1/28/00 Who points to it? 13 - Jumping Beans® is a Javaframework for building applicationswhich can jump from computer tocomputer while executing.

  • Messengers 1/28/00 Who points to it? 8 - A project a UCI "developing a new programming paradigm for distributed systems based on the principle of autonomousmessages, called Messengers."

  • Kaariboga 2/7/00 Who points to it? 12 - Kaariboga is a free implementation of a Java framework for mobile agents developed by Dirk Struve, Universität Bielefeld.

  • Lime: Linda in a Mobile Environment 8/20/01 Who points to it? 19 - Lime is a Java-based middleware which provides a coordination layerthat can be exploited for designing applications which exhibit eitherlogical or physical mobility---or both. Lime is specifically targetedtoward the complexities of the ad hoc mobile environment, however itis applicable beyond this scope. Lime used a coordination model basedon Linda, a shared memory computing model developed in the mid 1980'sat Yale University. The Java prototype has been released as opensource under the GNU Lesser General Public License and is available onsourceforge.

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