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  • AgentBuilder® Site 12/2/99 Who points to it? 28 - AgentBuilder is an integrated softwaredevelopment tool that allows software developerswith no background in intelligent systems orintelligent agent technologies to quickly and easilybuild intelligent agent-based applications.AgentBuilder reduces development time anddevelopment cost and simplifies the developmentof high-performance, robust agent-basedsystems.

  • Web Workshop - Microsoft Agent Home 12/2/99 Who points to it? 14 - Microsoft® Agent is a set of software services that supports the presentation of software agents as interactive personalities within the Microsoft Windows® interface. Microsoft Agent's conversational interface approach is an extension and enhancement of the existing interactive modalities of the Windows interface.

  • ObjectSpace Voyager 12/9/99 Who points to it? 12 - An agent-enabled ORB in Java.

  • KAoS 1/1/00 Who points to it? 14

  • AgentSheets 1/1/00 Who points to it? 15 - "Spreadsheet-like workspaces contain agents instead of just numbers andstrings to play "what-if" games and re-package information gathered from web. End-user programmable Agents, created with the Visual AgenTalk tool,read web pages, play videos, sound, MIDI, speak, compute formulas, react tomouse, keyboard. "

  • Agentx 1/2/00 Who points to it? 14 - "State of the art, lightweight,high performance, and scaleabledistributed computing libraries writtenin pure Java which provide objectrequest broker and autonomousmobile agent services..."

  • Bits & Pixels: INtelligent Agents Facory 1/2/00 Who points to it? 17 - "The Intelligent Agent Factory reduces the time needed to create intelligent agent solutions. Theagents are intelligent in the sense that they are controlled with rules written in Jess (CLIPS), aforward-chaining system. Agents and rules are generated from simple specifications ofworkflows. "

  • Intelligent Agent Library 1/2/00 Who points to it? 14 - The Intelligent Agent Library provides an intelligent agent framework that includes extensivefacilities for agent communications and for building larger agent assemblies. There is aKQML-based agent framework and many examples illustrating agents that perform activitiesfor web-enabled applications. The library also supports mobile agents.

  • AgentSoft 12/1/99 Who points to it? 41 - AgentSoft's Java-based LiveAgent Pro provides an easy to use, powerful, flexible, andextensible way to automate Web activity. LiveAgent Pro is used to create Internet/Intranetscripts using a recording environment (like a high-level macro recorder or automated testingtool). A developer performs a sequence of Web operations in his/her browser, and thoseactions are automatically saved by LiveAgent Pro as a script (or "agent"). The completed scriptcan then be run by the user or scheduled for automatic launching.

  • Microsoft Agents 1/2/00 Who points to it? 17 - Microsoft Agent is a set of programmable software services that supports the presentation ofinteractive animated characters within the Microsoft Windows interface. Developers can usecharacters as interactive assistants to introduce, guide, entertain, or otherwise enhance theirWeb pages or applications in addition to the conventional use of windows, menus, andcontrols.

  • Via Kinetoscope 1/2/00 Who points to it? 11 - UMPRS is a Belief-Desire-Intention agent architecture based upon the Procedural ReasoningSystem (PRS) of Georgeff, Ingrand, Rao, Lansky, and others. Unlike many "agents" availabletoday which are useful in very restricted domains, UMPRS is applicable to nearly anyapplication domain. It supports top-down, goal-based reasoning and selects goals and plansbased on maximal priority. Source code and documentation are available for download at theUMPRS website.

  • Bee-gent 1.3 available 4/21/00 Who points to it? 22 - Bee-gent is a new type of development framework in that it is a 100% pure agent system. As opposed to other systems which make only some use of agents, Bee-gent completely "Agentifies" the communication that takes place between software applications. The applications become agents, and all messages are carried by agents. Thus, Bee-gent allows developers to build flexible open distributed systems that make optimal use of existing applications. This software is developed by Computer & Network Systems Laboratory Corporate Research & Development Center TOSHIBA Corporation.

  • CABLE Co-operative Agent Building Environment 1/2/00 Who points to it? 14 - CABLE is a key part of the GRACE system architecture. It provides support to users in the development andrunning of intelligent multi-agent applications. CABLE, developed by Logica for this project, is a highly productiveenvironment for developing large and complex distributed applications for i) intelligent decision support and ii)modelling and simulation.

  • Cybele: An Infrastructure for Autonomous Agents 1/2/00 Who points to it? 13 - This infrastructure supports a number of services for agent-based applications that mostplatforms do not provide. These include: (i) Agent creation and deployment over a network ofvaried platforms, (ii) a message addressing scheme for agent communication which isindependent of the location of a sending or receiving agent, (iii) the accumulation of messagesintended for a currently busy recipient agent,. (iv) the proper conversion of message dataacross platforms, (v) multicasting, broadcasting, and peer-to-peer messaging, and (vi) themigration of agents across processors for performance optimization and/or fault tolerance.

  • Zeus 1/2/00 Who points to it? 16 - British Telecommunications Labs.Zeus is a 'collaborative' agent building environment and component library written in Java.Each ZEUS agent consists of a definition layer, an organisational layer and a co-ordinationlayer. The definition layer represents the agent's reasoning and learning abilities, its goals,resources, skills, beliefs, preferences, etc. The organization layer describes the agent'srelationships with other agents. The co-ordination layer describes the co-ordination andnegotiation techniques the agent possesses. Communication protocols are built on top of theco-ordination layer and implement inter-agent communication. Beneath the definition layer isthe API.

  • InfoSleuth (MCC) 1/26/00 Who points to it? 15 - The InfoSleuth architecture consists of a set of collaborating agents that work together at the request of the user to:1.gather information via complex queries from a changing set of databases and semi-structured text repositoriesdistributed across an internet,2.perform rudimentary polling and notification facilities for monitoring changes in data,3.automatically route location-independent requests to update individual data items, and4.analyze information using statistical data mining techniques and/or logical inferencing.

  • Narval 10/29/00 Who points to it? 21 - Narval is an intelligent personnal assistantreleased under the Gnu Public License which makes extensive use of XML to respresentand manipulate information.

  • Cometway Java Agent Kernel 4/11/01 Who points to it? 19 - Cometway's JAK is an open-sourced, light-weight agent platform that the company uses in developing it's own agent-based products.

  • Colony 12/9/01 Who points to it? 23 - Colony is a "knowledge management" sytem based on "the theory of self-organizing systems" and is available for evaluation.

  • IBM's ABLE 6/23/02 Who points to it? 22 - ABLE is a Java framework, component library, and productivity tool kit developed at IBM Research and distributed on IBM's alphaworks. It is designed for building intelligent agents usingmachine learning and reasoning.

  • Tryllian 12/11/00 Who points to it? 45 - Tryllian introduces the latest release of the Agent Development Kit (ADK), a mobilecomponent-based development platform that allows you to build reliable and scalableindustrial strength applications. The ADK features dynamic tasking, JXTA-based P2Parchitecture with XML message-based communication that supports FIPA and SOAP, JNDIdirectory services, using a reliable, lightweight runtime environment based onJava.

  • AI Agent Application 12/20/02 Who points to it? 30 - Kaztrix offers a $29.95 product named aiagentz described as "AI Agent is an application that lets you build easy-to-use knowledge bases (Brains). These databases are presented in a variety of new and unique ways. Users will appreciate the interactive nature of our many animated agents."

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