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  • Jini Prolog Engine Service 2/12/00 Who points to it? 22 - Jini Prolog Engine Service (JPES) was developed by Harry Chen of UMBC as a Jini service that provides remote Prolog engine services toJini-enabled components in the network.

  • JTP : Java Theorem Prover 2/10/00 Who points to it? 18 - JTP is a full first-order logic model elimination theorem prover in Java developed at Stanford by Gleb Frank, based on Adam Farquhar's ATP.

  • Jess, the Java Expert System Shell 12/9/99 Who points to it? 12 - Jess is a rule engine and scripting environmentwritten entirely in Java by Ernest Friedman-Hill at Sandia (Livermore). Jess was originallyinspired by the CLIPS expert system shell, but has grown into a complete, distinctJava-influenced environment.

  • JTP: An Object Oriented Modular Reasoning System 6/21/02 Who points to it? 21 - JTP is an object-oriented modular reasoning system implemented in JAVA by Gleb Frank in Knowledge Systems Laboratory ofComputer Science Department in Stanford University. JTP is based on a very simple and general reasoningarchitecture. The modular character of the architecture makes it easy to extend the system by adding new reasoningmodules (reasoners), or by customizing or rearranging existing ones.

  • Java Internet Prolog 8/5/02 Who points to it? 16 - JIP - Java Internet Prolog is a cross-platform PureJava100% prolog interpreterthat allows to use the power of prolog language in any Java applet/application.By Its easy-to-use API you can call prolog predicates by any Java class withoutdealing with native code and you can invoke Java methods in any prologprograms in the same way you call predicates.

  • Algernon In Java 5/16/03 Who points to it? 668 - The Algernon rule-based inference system has been reimplemented in Java and interfaced with Protege.

  • eulerSharp 5/16/03 Who points to it? 627 - EulerSharp is an inference engine written in CSharp to support logic based proofs. It is

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