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  • Ps-i 9/25/01 Who points to it? 42 - Ps-i is an environment for running agent-basedsimulations. It is cross-platform, with binaries available for Win32. Features include: declarative language formodel specification; industry standard Tcl/Tk scripting; built-in routine optimization, speculative evaluation, andxf86 JIT compiler that permit the creation of complex models without sacrificing performance; user-friendlyinterface; ability to save and restore program runs; ability to change model parameters on the fly; and datavisualization.

  • JADE in open source 2/25/00 Who points to it? 40 - JADE (Java Agent Development framework) is a software framework thatsimplifies the implementation of multiagent systems through amiddle-ware that claims to comply with FIPA specifications and through aset of tools that support the debugging and deployment phases. JADE hassuccessfully participated at the FIPA interoperability tests hold inSeoul in January 1999 and has been extensively used within a number ofEuropean projects.

  • FIPA-OS 12/9/99 Who points to it? 28 - Nortel's open source implementation of the mandatoryelements contained within the FIPA 97 specificationfor agent interoperability. It is implemented inJava and requires the use of the Voyager Orb, IBM's XMLparser, and SiRPAC from W3C (all free).

  • RePast -- Agent-Based Simulations in Java 4/29/00 Who points to it? 48 - Repast (REcursive Porous Agent Simulation Toolkit) is an agent-based simulation toolkit for creating agent-based simulations using Java (1.2 or higher). Repast follows the basic Swarm paradigm in that it envisions a simulation as a state machine whose state is constituted by the collective states of all of its components, both infrastructure and representation. The goal of Repast is to move beyond the representation of agents as discrete self-contained entities in favor of a view of social actors as permeable, interleaved, and mutually defining, with cascading and recombinant motives.

  • Network Agents 10/5/01 Who points to it? 33 - Network Agents is an open source project developing a group of systems for building network-oriented intelligent agents,consisting of the ICM - an agent communications infrastructure, April -anagent construction programming language, and, DialoX - an XML-based userinterface engine.

  • 10/5/01 Who points to it? 30 - The Aglets Software Development Kit is an environment for programmingmobileInternet agents in JavaTM.

  • Jade+Jess+Protege = Agent platform 12/9/01 Who points to it? 40 - This is an open sourced integration of the Jade FIPA platform with the Jess rule engine and the Protege KB editor/browser.

  • LISA - Intelligent Software Agents for Common Lisp 6/21/02 Who points to it? 24 - LISA is aproduction-rule system implemented in the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), and is heavily influenced by CLIPSand the Java Expert System Shell (JESS).

  • SeMoA Secure Mobile Agents server 9/5/02 Who points to it? 27 - SeMoA (Secure Mobile Agents) is a Java-based, open source project developing anextensible and open server for mobile agents developed at the Fraunhofer Institut . The SeMoAserver interoperates with Aglets and also with JADE-based agents.

  • BlueJADE J2EE MAS environment 1/15/03 Who points to it? 43 - BleuJADE is a service for managing software agents originally developed at HP Labs.

  • Cougaar Open Source Agent Architecture 3/1/03 Who points to it? 49 - Cougaar is java-based

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