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  • Computists International 12/19/99 Who points to it? 0 - Computists International is a professional association for artificial intelligence,information science, and computer science researchers. Several concise emailnewsletters are available to members each week, covering AI research funding,software industry trends, leading-edge technologies, job opportunities, researchsoftware announcements, and other useful news. Members get the Computists'Weekly -- formerly the Computists' Communique (TCC) -- plus any or all of ourother weekly digests.

  • American Association for Artificial Intelligence 12/19/99 Who points to it? 26 - American Association for Artificial Intelligence

  • AISB 12/19/99 Who points to it? 25 - AISB is THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OFARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEAND THE SIMULATION OF BEHAVIOUR. It's the largest and oldest processional society involved in AI in the UK.

  • IJCAI 12/19/99 Who points to it? 25 - IJCAI Inc. (IJCAII) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in California. Its major objective isorganizing the biennial International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence.

  • SIGART 12/19/99 Who points to it? 25 - SIGART is the ACM Special InterestGroup on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Calresco 4/8/00 Who points to it? 25 - CALResCo is a non-profit organisation dedicated topromoting the wider aspects of the Complex Systemsciences by education, synthesis and by the integration of the theories into the mainstream viewpoints of arts, philosophy andscience.

  • Game Theory Society 4/8/00 Who points to it? 28 - Founded in January 1999, the society aims to promote theinvestigation, teaching and application of game theory.

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