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  • Web as Database: New Extraction Technologies and Content Management 6/4/01 Who points to it? 31 - "The Web as Database: New ExtractionTechnologies and Content Management" by Katherine C. Adams (Online, March 2001) is a nice overview of information extraction technology. The introductory article focuses onNLP and web wrapper induction.

  • Extracting Knowledge 6/8/01 Who points to it? 31 - Extracting Knowledge --Artificial intelligence tools offernew ways to explore Web Katherine C. Adams.

  • Word wranglers 6/8/01 Who points to it? 16 - An article by Katherine C. Adams describes how "Automatic classification tools transform enterprise documentsfrom "bags of words" into knowledge resources"

  • Information Extraction from World Wide Web 6/8/01 Who points to it? 25 - A report by Line Eikvil gives an introduction to the field ofinformation extraction, looks at wrapper generation for Web sourcesand examines different applications of the technology.

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