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  • 5/1/00 Who points to it? 64 - RuleSpace is a privately held corporation located in Portland, Oregon that provides instant web content recognition enabling Internet applications and network appliances to answer on the fly what the page is about.

  • Siliware Knowledge Management 4/23/00 Who points to it? 23 - Siliware, an early Jini adopter, is offering to create custom portals in which "a community of cooperating softwareagents that discover, integrate and present Internet resources on behalfof a user or enterprise application."

  • Autonomy 10/9/99 Who points to it? 15 - Autonomy has a suite of products based on technology developed by itsparent company (Neurodynamics) called Adaptive Probabilistic ConceptModelling (APCM). This is used to create Concept Agents -- pieces ofsoftware capable of understanding the main thrust of a piece of textand then finding similar documents by analysing the patterns ofsymbols and contexts.

  • Gossip 12/16/99 Who points to it? 19 - Gossip is a mobile agent application that trades information for you on the Internet. You tellthe Gossip agent what interests you. Then the agent travels to a server on the Internetcalled the marketplace. At the marketplace, your Gossip Agent looks for other agents withsimilar interests. When two agent with similar tastes meet, they start a conversation andexchange information.

  • Disseminating Mobile Agents for Distributed Information Filtering 1/25/00 Who points to it? 15 - Disseminating Mobile Agents for Distributed InformationFiltering", W. Theilmann, K. Rothermel, Proc. JointSymposium ASA/MA99 of 1st Int. Symp. on Agent Systemsand Applications (ASA99) and 3rd Int. Symp. on MobileAgents (MA99), IEEE Press, 1999, pp. 152-161. This contribution analyses the situation that data distributed among various remote data servers has to be examined withmobile filter agents. We present an approach for coordinating the agents' employment, which minimizes communicationcosts. Validation studies on the possible cost savings for various constellations show that savings up to 90% can beachieved in the face of actual Internet conditions.

  • In the know -- Knowledge Management 3/4/00 Who points to it? 19 - David Pringle investigates the true potential of knowledge management tools in this article from ComputerBusinessReview.

  • Introduction To Metadata 4/29/00 Who points to it? 24 - The Getty Institue has posted " Introduction to Metadata: Pathways to DigitalInformation on the web" which is "intended as a primer for an important butmisunderstood, and still evolvin, —aspect of the age of information: metadata. The work is oriented to cultural heritage and web resource discovery applications and includes a table showing the detailed relation between different metadata standards.(EIPub)

  • The `Bow' Toolkit Statistical Language Modeling 5/14/00 Who points to it? 17 - Bow is a C library developed at CMU for statistical text analysis, language modeling and information retrieval programs which also includes several useful executables: Rainbow for document classification by naive Bayes,TFIDF/Rocchio, Probabilistic Indexing and K-nearest neighbor,Arrow for document retrieval, andCrossbow for document clustering.

  • MySpiders intelligent information retrieval 2/27/01 Who points to it? 30 - MySpiders are threads in a Java applet implementing intelligent,autonomous, adaptive software agents that will crawl the Web on your behalf, surviving aslong as they find relevant pages. MySpiders are a prototype of the InfoSpiders project,bringing artificial life to the Web.

  • A Plan for Spam 11/8/02 Who points to it? 20 - This article by Paul Graham describes the spam-filtering techniques used in the new spamproof web-based mail reader he's building to exercise Arc -- a new programming language based on Lisp.

  • POPFile Automatic Email Sorting using Naive Bayes 11/8/02 Who points to it? 24 - POPFile is a simple, open sourced spam filter using a Naive Bayes text classifier and a POP3 proxy.

  • WEB information retrieval and information extraction 5/27/03 Who points to it? 626 - WEBIR.ORG is a collection of online resources for research in the field of information retrieval and information extraction from

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