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BT Internships 2000

The Intelligent Systems Research (ISR) group at BT Labs (UK) is currently seeking applications for a number of internship positions for 6-month to one-year periods. The positions are suitable for candidates who are undertaking a PhD in Multi-Agent Systems, Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an interest in developing industrial applications. Successful candidates will be required to identify new techniques based on agent, soft computing and AI technology, and to develop novel applications in current and emerging telecommunications areas such as the Internet, mobile communications, etc. The positions are with the research teams at BT Labs (UK) and are available immediately.

The ISR group is a part of BT Labs that carries out world-class AI technology R&D programmes. The aims of the BT ISR group are to research and develop novel intelligent software systems and technologies in order to: i) radically improve the way BT operates and employs its resources, and ii) technologically enable the provision and management of future broadband networks and services. The group is currently working closely with a number of UK and international universities such as UC Berkeley, MIT and Imperial College on collaborative R&D projects.

The technical bases of ISR's ambitious long term R&D programme are focused on:

 - Intelligent resource scheduling and planning:Dynamic Scheduler
 - Intelligent Software Agents: ZEUS agent building toolkit,
 - Soft Computing (eg., Fuzzy Logic, Neural Nets, Probabilistic
   Intelligent Personal Assistant project,
BT ISR's world class research status is evidenced by its 4 International and National IT innovation awards, 9 BT technical excellence awards, 30 patents granted/filed, and well over 100 external publications. The group has also been very active in exploitation of AI technology and has been turning the results of its innovative AI R&D programme into major business benefits for BT.

Based at Adastral Park (UK), BT Laboratories is an internationally known research organisation which conducts short, medium and long term R&D for BT ( ) in a diverse range of topics such as network technologies and AI. A major function of research groups at BT Labs is to set up collaborative projects with academic institutions around the world to stimulate research in particular areas of interest to BT and participate in state of the art research projects.

Candidate Requirements

Currently undertaking a PhD in Computer Science or related field (essential) Demonstrated research and/or industrial experience in Agent/Soft computing/AI (essential) Excellent software engineering skills (C/C++/Java, UML) Good communication capabilities (essential) Good knowledge of the telecommunication area (desirable)


Please send your CV by email to:

Dr David Djian,
Tel. +44 (0)1473 605460,
david . djian NOSPAM @ bt . com
Dr Lyndon Lee,
Tel. +44 (0)1473 605455,
lyndon .lee NOSPAM @ bt . com
By mail or fax:
MLB1/ PP12, BT Labs, 
Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath,
Ipswich, IP5 3 RE, 
United Kingdom.
Fax +44 (0)1473 642 459,

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