Notice of FIPA Application Competition

FIPA is launching a competition of applications utilising FIPA
agents. The competition is open to FIPA members as well as
non-members.  The competition will take place at the April 2000
meeting of FIPA.

FIPA will award a prize of up to 10,000 USD to the developer(s) of
best rated FIPA application. The main criterion will be level of
interest and completeness of the application. At this stage
interoperability is of added value but it is not a prerequisite.

The prize will be awarded as follows:

*    FIPA members will assess the demonstrated applications.

*    Each FIPA member company will have the right to assign a score
     between 0 to 10 to each demonstrated application.

*    The winner will be the one for which the average of the scores is

*    The value of the prize will be the average times 1,000 USD.

The competition will be held on Thursday, April 6 from 10:00 to 14:00.
All demos will be presented during the demo session (3 hours) and then
there is a plenary session in which each team is entitled a 5 minutes
presentation.  The votes will follow.  The clear procedure will be
announced later.

The Board in consultation with the FIPA Academy will consider ways to
identify and assign funds for the purpose of subsidising qualified
student participants.

Please submit the following application form to 
by March 27.  Sorry for the short notice.

  Title of the application:
  Brief description of the application:
  Company/Organization/Consortium name:
  Contact person:
  E-mail address:
  Any requirement to the host:

The networking (LAN/Internet) environment will be announced shortly.
Please contact Suguri for any query.